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NFL predictions for 2020.

NFL predictions
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The 2020 NFL season may make the final records for every team more predictable. In fact, we’ve been facing lots of changes this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s not an easy task to predict what teams will become winners this year. The ability to adapt is everything this year, so teams that can adapt to new procedures will be favored. There are many teams competing for Super Bowl 55, both well-known and fresh, so let’s have a look at NFL predictions for 2020.

Predictions on teams

There will be fourteen teams in general, so let’s talk about some of them and about their winning chances in particular.

So, the Buffalo Bills have all chances to dethrone the New England Patriots, as the Patriots have lost a lot defensively and still are not sure whether Jarrett Stidham or Cam Newton will agree to replace Brady.

The main aim of the Miami Dolphins is simply to get out of the last place.
Then, the New York Jets, this team will certainly face some difficulties, as there are a lot of stronger competitors.

The Baltimore Ravens have lost a vital player, but they are working hard to improve their skills, so their winning chances are good.

The Pittsburgh Steelers feel confident, irrespective of some personnel issues they’ve been facing.

The Indianapolis Colts are hoping their solid playmaking defense and energetic approach will help them to win.

The Kansas City Chiefs, who won Super Bowl 54, as well as the Los Angeles Chargers, are two promising teams that will likely show great results. The Chiefs remain a strong favorite and the Chargers are very talented in defense, which increases their winning chances greatly.


All in all, it’s super difficult to predict what we should expect from this year’s competition. Everything is possible, as sometimes even weak teams show incredible performances. So, all we have to do is wait for it.

What are your ideas about NFL 2020 participants? Share your ideas in the comments.

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