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Tuukka Rask refused to participate in the playoffs. What was the reason for the refusal?

Tuukka Rask
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The main goalkeeper of the Boston team refused to participate in the playoffs games, and he has serious reasons for that. “I am grateful to my team for their support and wish Boston only victories in the upcoming games. I would like to continue playing, but at the moment I have things with more priority than hockey, and this is my family,” Tuukka Rask commented on the situation.

According to unofficial information, Rask received word from his wife that his daughter was taken by an ambulance and she was in serious condition. The goalkeeper apologized to his teammates and asked to them understand his actions as a father, his child was in danger.

Boston center forward Patrice Bergeron commented on the refusal of the main goalkeeper “I don’t blame anyone for this decision. We support Rask one hundred percent,” he said.

Rask was Boston’s primary goalkeeper in the first two playoff games against Carolina. Therefore, the head coach of “Boston” Bruce Cassidy commented on the situation with the goalkeepers on the team. Jaroslav Halak became the Bruins’ main goalkeeper after Tuukka Rask left the team for family reasons.

“Halak is a popular guy, everyone knows about his abilities. Perhaps it was his turn to do something remarkable. Tuukka played great this year. Perhaps the playing year has come for Halak. Now we can even rally because of this situation, “said Cassidy. In the third match of the Stanley Cup first-round series against Carolina (3: 1, 2-1), the Slovak won, reflecting 29 shots out of 30.

But not everyone supported the Finn in his desire to leave the Bubble. Former Boston defender and coach Michael Milbury commented on the club’s main goalkeeper’s refusal to play in the NHL playoffs.

“Leaving the Bubble because he thought it’s necessary to be with his family? I wouldn’t do that. This is the first such case in the League. In this city where I was born, Rask was not recognized from the beginning, no one looked at his success in the games. And now the decision to leave his team at a crucial moment. I don’t think the fans will understand that decision, “Milbury said.

Is Rask a good goalkeeper?

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