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Daniel Pineda wants to fight again having defeated Herbert Burns.

Daniel Pineda
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There were lots of comments that Herbert Burns would defeat Daniel Pineda in their UFC 252 fight, and Pineda heard all of them. Having received the call, he was super happy.

He said that he was ecstatic, as fighting at home wasn’t enough for him. So, Pineda was excited and convinced he was going to be the winner. Nevertheless, Pineda believed that he was brought in to lose.

Fight details

Being aware that everybody was sure he would lose, Daniel Pineda decided to go the extra mile to win. He said that he could be compared to a trained dog, aimed at winning. With thousands of people expecting him to lose, Pineda surprised them all. It just fuelled his confidence, which leads to great results.

Pineda was not just going to fight, he planned to destroy Burns both mentally and physically. And now, he is sure he did it.

Burns’ knee caught Pineda’s eye, so he understood he needed to finish the battle as soon as possibles so that the fight would not to be called off.

Pineda’s plans

So, Pineda has a medical suspension because of his eye, and his only plan, once he has his eye all well, is to come back and fight. It is not important for him whom to compete with, as he just wants to win and get his bonuses. So, he will continue climbing this ladder. As for his career statistics, it looks like this:
SLpM: 3.45;
Str. Acc.: 49%;
SApM: 2.28;
Str. Def: 48%;
TD Avg.: 1.47;
TD Acc.: 27%;
TD Def.: 45%;
Sub. Avg.: 1.7.


Pineda’s fight with Herbert Burns is a vivid example of how a desire to win can change everything and become the only factor determining one’s success. So, it remains to be seen what results Pineda will show in the future.

What are your ideas about Pineda’s success? Was his performance influenced by his skills or anger? Tell us in the comments.

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