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The Indians Transfers Plesak and Clevinger to the Reserve under Pressure from Other Team Players.

Plesak and Clevinger
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The story about sending the starting pitchers of Cleveland to the reserve, who violated the coronavirus regime a week ago, is acquiring new details. ESPN reports that the Indians transferred Plesak and Clevinger to the reserve under pressure from other players, outraged by the behavior of the pitchers.

Teammates Are Disappointed

The violators’ teammates were pissed off not only by the act of their colleagues on the team, but also by the fact that both, especially Clevinger, lied to other team members about what happened, thereby endangering all the players, coaches, Tigers’ employees, and their families. They were not subsequently diagnosed with coronavirus, though, but their reckless outburst did not cause positive emotions in anyone. The situation was aggravated by a video posted by Plesak on Instagram last Friday, in which the pitcher, instead of apologizing properly, began to make excuses.

Final Decision

As a result, the fate of Plesak and Clevinger was decided on Friday in Detroit at a team meeting. Some of the baseball players were in favor of bringing the violators back to the base, but another part, possibly the larger one, was categorically against their comeback. Moreover, several veterans of the club said that if Plesak and Clevinger are not immediately transferred to an alternative training site, they (the veterans) would refuse to participate in the season. Earlier that week, pitcher Adam Plutko said that Plesak and Clevinger, by their actions, undermined the credibility of their teammates.

Since the Indians transferred Plesak and Clevinger to the reserve under pressure from other team players, that will have an impact on the contracts of both pitchers from a financial point of view, and not so much concerning the current season, but in relation to the near future.

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