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The history of hockey

The history of hockey is one of the most contested of all sports. You know something about hockey history, don’t you? Well, let’s check it out.

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    Which of the following countries can be considered as the inventor of modern hockey?

    • Russia
    • USA
    • Canada
    • Finland
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    Which team was the first to win the first Stanley Cup in 1893?

    • Montreal Canadians
    • Montreal Hockey Club
    • St. Louis Blues
    • Arizona Coyotes
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    Who is the Stanley Cup named after?

    • The Stanley Hotel
    • Port Stanley in Ontario
    • Lord Stanley of Preston
    • Allan Stanley
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    Wayne Gretzky holds one of the NHL records for most goals scored in a single season. How many goals did he score to set this famous record?

    • 54
    • 100
    • 123
    • 92
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    Who holds the most records in NHL history?

    • Wayne Gretzky
    • Bobby Orr
    • Bobby Hull
    • Gordie Howe
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    Which team holds the NHL record for the longest winning streak?

    • Montreal Canadians
    • Pittsburgh Penguins
    • Boston Bruins
    • Calgary Flames
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    Which city never had its own NHL team?

    • Seattle
    • Washington
    • Chicago
    • Colorado
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    Which year was there no winner of the Calder Trophy because of the NHL lockout?

    • 1995-96
    • 2012-13
    • 2005-06
    • 2004-05


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