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Cormier vs Miocic trilogy is over!

Cormier vs Miocic
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It was a really amazing fight, the closing fight in the Cormier vs Miocic trilogy, and the last fight for DC before his retirement. One thing is for sure, that wasn`t an easy fight for the defending champ Stipe Miocic.


It was the main event of UFC 252 held in UFC APEX, Nevada. All the security measures were present, including protection masks and the minimal human capacity in the hall which has certainly affected the entertainment effect.

Fighters’ shape

That was the first thing that came to our mind when the clash was about to happen. Basically, we could have seen it since the weigh-in. Whilst Miocic has certainly shown the best shape of his career on this day, DC`s wasn`t looking so good, to put it mildly. Regardless, both fighters did their best and carried out a 5-round fight with proper exchanges and pressure.

The fight

Cormier landed heavy blows during the first round, but the champ endured all of them without any visible difficulties. The second round was only in favor of DC until he started to get tired. Stipe shot a right heavy jab which dropped Cormier and he remained on the ground till the end of the round.

By the middle of the fight, DC was already tired and the initiative fully shifted to Miocic. It was one-sided domination by the champ. By the 4th round, Miocic had also started to run out of fuel but he still evaded or blocked heavy shots from Cormier. Both championship rounds were really close and mainly consisted of back-and-forth duels from both fighters.

Apart from that, fighters exchanged eye pokes, but it`s more like a tradition during the fights between these two. Takedown’s efforts from Miocic didn`t end up successfully, but he still looked more persuasive in contrast to the unbroken but still very exhausted Daniel Cormier. The 5th round has ended in the clinch with the knees from Stipe. As a result, Miocic won by a very close unanimous decision, which all the fans will certainly agree with.


Congrats to the reigning champ! He’s shown preparation and skills whilst DC has shown his heart and proved that he’s ready to fight till the very end even if the bout is against such a dangerous opponent as Miocic. We wish more loud wins to Stipe and good commenting to DC, who retired from fighting but did not retire from being the UFC commenter and analyst. 

Who did you support in fight Cormier vs Miocic?

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