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Junior dos Santos called the opponent with the heaviest blow.

Junior dos Santos
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One of the best heavyweight fighters, Junior dos Santos, named his opponent, from whom he suffered the strongest blow. Remember that in his career, Santos met with many famous punchers, including Ngannou, Lewis, Rothwell, Hunt, Overeem, Carwin, and others.

“Everyone knows that Nganou blows hard and has a powerful knockout. Francis is a creature, but he also has some restrictions, “Junior said in an interview. “He has long arms, but I don’t think he is the strongest puncher. Miocic has the hardest blow of all I’ve fought. Everyone knows that Ngannou has a lot of strength, especially when he can make good shots due to his anthropometry. In our struggle, I had to pay dearly for my mistake. I couldn’t react in time, and he was able to hit me in the side”.

We do not doubt the strength of Miocic’s strike. But the strength of Junior after the defeat of Rozenstruik is questionable. There have been a lot of questions lately: can Junior dos Santos, in his 36 years, still be able to compete with his rivals at the top of the division? Three losses in a row do not add confidence to the athlete.

But we hurry to please all Cigano fans, he will not give up and will continue to build his career. Especially since he is not the first fighter to continue fighting after 35 years. Junior received strong moral support from the UFC president. Asked by reporters whether dos Santos would end his career, Dana White said no.

Well, that’s good news. We are sure that dos Santos will still show why he is one of the 5 best fighters of the UFC. Go ahead, Junior!

What do you think, will Gigano still be able to surprise us?

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What do you think?


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