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Joey Bosa Becomes the Highest-Paid defensive in NFL History.

Joey Bosa
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Bosa, with 40 sacks and 82 quarterback hits in 4 seasons, becomes the highest-paid defensive in NFL history in terms of the average annual salary ($ 27 million), surpassing Myles Garrett that plays for Cleveland ($ 25 million). By the way, Garrett has held this status for only two weeks.

Lucky Guy

The Chargers and Joey Bosa signed a new 5-year deal for $ 135 million, including $ 102 million in total guarantees and $ 78 million signing bonus.

However, Joey Bosa, who became the highest-paid defensive in the history of the NFL, likes breaking the record.  It is a familiar affair for him. For example, the Bosa brothers were once the best tandem in the NFL. Last year’s October games were pretty good for Joey and Nick.

The Chargers defender in the meeting with the Bears made 2 sacks and 7 tackles (including 4 with a loss of yards), while the San Francisco 49ers` player scored 3 sacks, 4 tackles, and interceptions.

In total, the brothers made 5 sacks for two in the tournament, where they each landed a defensive at least once. Previously, the Watt brothers made 4 sacks per game weekend (the fifth week of the 2018 season).

Like Two Peas

The brothers are often compared, trying to find between them both professional differences and differences in general.

According to data from the 2016 Scout Congress, Joey Bosa is 6`5″ tall and weighs 268 lb. The Chargers picked him as 3rd overall pick in the draft. Nick’s dimensions before the draft were 6`4″ and 264 lb. In 2019 he was slightly ahead of his brother: the San Francisco 49ers took him under the second number.

The difference in a couple of inches in height and a couple of pounds of weight cannot be seen on the field, especially because both brothers wore the number 97 at one time in college. However, Joey differs more from his brother now because he has just become the highest-paid defensive in NFL history. Perhaps, Nick would like to catch up with him. 

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