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Make or break games of the 2020 NFL season.

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It’s a miracle that the 2020 NFL season is eventually going to start. There`s no certainty that it`ll last the full distance, but if it does, the balance of power among NFL teams might be shifted. There are a bunch of matchups in the next season, which may solidify teams` position in case they win or it may cost them the whole season in case they lose it.

Patriots vs Dolphins

An absence of Tom Brady has already taken its toll on New England Patriots. On the other hand, their record against Miami Dolphins with Brady onboard isn’t quite satisfying for now and is equal to 3 wins and 3 losses. If Patriots beat them during Week 1, and then beat Buffalo Bills, which is going to be a challenge without Brady, they will probably make it to the top of the league. No one really knows how Patriots coach Bill Belichick`s planning to win this, but there’s no doubt that the team won`t tap out so easily. 

Bengals vs Chargers

Another team, whose first-week victory can make the whole season, is Cincinnati Bengals. Ironically, both their key element to shine and their main obstacle is Joe Burrow. The prodigy from Iowa was picked first overall, and there’s no doubt that he’ll make an impact as a quarterback. The only issue is his readiness. His first professional game against Los Angeles Chargers will certainly become a turning point for Bengals and will determine whether they are going to dominate or not.

Panthers vs Raiders

2020 NFL season is a new start for Carolina Panthers as they renewed their coach, quarterback, and their defense. Week 1 is time for Panthers to show what they got against Las Vegas Raiders and vice versa. The expectations regarding both teams aren’t so high, and that is good in terms of drama. It’s much more interesting to watch the game when you are not sure about the outcome rather than watch front-runners win for the umpteenth time.

Giants vs Steelers

This game is not only demonstrating whether New Yorkers improved their offense, but will affect all of their subsequent chances to shine. They are literally going to break through impenetrable Pittsburgh Steelers defense, fighting their way to the top of the division.


There are plenty of make or break games in Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season. When the whole talking will be done, only the readiness will remain to show who is at the apex of this sport and who fails to climb it.

Which team do you support?

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