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Conor McGregor is the greatest fighter. Isn’t he?

Conor McGregor
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Conor McGregor, one of the most known people in this sport, has recently taken his mind off promoting the Proper Twelve Whiskey and gladdened us with a portion of good old trash talk. Some fans believe that it has something to do with whiskey after which the Notorious has created his own “goat thread” and posted some thoughts about it on Twitter.

Back on the sauce

It’s been a long time since McGregor traded insults with MMA fighters. He chose a softer tactic this time, but it didn’t protect some of UFC tops from flaming anyways. The list of “MMA GOATS” consisted of 4 fighters. Their positions were determined in terms of their achievements as the champions. The first on the list was Anderson Silva, the second was the Mac himself, GSP got the third place, and Jon Jones was on the 4th. Conor said that he’s surely going to be on the top of this list someday as he’s still an active fighter, unlike Spider.

Stockton responds

To say this list is a bit controversial would be a considerable understatement. The first response was from the Stockton gangster named Nate Diaz who outplayed Conor in their first clash. Nate has outrun McGregor, Mayweather, and all existing rankings say that he is the only “real goat” in here.  True gangsta.

Load and clear from the Eagle

Khabib must have been really offended when he realized he hadn`t got on the list of the greatest. His response to Conor was harsh. He tried to devalue Conor`s achievements, saying that the whole McGregor`s career was just a sequence of tap outs. Well, that announcement is as controversial as the one from Conor. These two mustn’t have solved their issues yet.

Bones talks back

Jon Jones didn’t do much of the talking in his twit. We may say that he responded most calmly. He published a table showing the most productive UFC fighters in terms of their title bouts and slyly asked Conor, where he was on that list. Conor wasn’t there indeed as he didn`t do as many title fights as the ones from the table.


Even though it`s been some time since we`ve seen Conor inside the octagon, we still see him in media space, making fights everywhere he can. The only way to do this is by the series of instigating announcements that really seem to work as expected. Even though many people say it’s the whiskey that makes Conor act indiscreet, we all know that Mystic Mac never does things for no reason.

Do you agree with Conor’s list?

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What do you think?


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