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Where May Ninja and Shroud Go after Mixer Shutdown?

Ninja and Shroud
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Mixer streaming platform couldn’t compete with YouTube and Twitch. Exclusive contracts with the most famous streamers did not help it either. On July 22th, Mixer permanently closed the doors to its streamers. Subsequently, they are out of a job now. Their fans are wondering: where may Ninja and Shroud go after Mixer shutdown?

Things Can’t Be All that Bad?

For many partners and streamers, the news of the site’s closure was a devastating blow, but for top content makers like Tyler Ninja Blevins and Michael Shroud Grzesik, it paid huge dividends. Both streamers left Twitch last year and signed to Mixer. Due to the closure of the platform, they, according to various sources, received compensation – $ 30 and 10 million, respectively.

Let Us See

For a long time, there were no hints, clues, or even rumors related to the future of Shroud or Ninja. Tyler was the first to break the silence: On July 7th, Ninja held the first test stream on YouTube. When Ninja launched the YouTube stream on Fortnite, it had over 160,000 viewers at one point – an amazing figure for the first stream. Gaming sites and streamer fans were quick to announce that Ninja had switched to YouTube, but that was a premature conclusion. Ninja just experimented.

They Need to Cut Down Expenses

Leaders in the broadcast segment are now stingier than before due to a pandemic that affects absolutely everything. That means that the streamers shouldn’t look forward to big contracts for now. However, Ninja and Shroud will be able to stream on multiple platforms and not be limited by contractual obligations. Nevertheless, we can assume that Shroud will decide to return to Twitch, and Ninja will agree to YouTube’s terms. Thus, both parties will benefit from such a deal, and fans no longer have to worry about where Ninja and Shroud may go after Mixer shutdown.

Where do you prefer to see Ninja? Youtube or Twitch?

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