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It seems that the majority of Patriots players decided to miss the season.

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Patriots have decided to skip the 2020 season en masse. In addition to fullback Danny Vitale,  right tackle Marcus Cannon, linebacker Dont’a Hightower, and running back Brandon Bolden won’t play in the season. Each will receive compensation of $ 150 thousand. All guaranteed payments are automatically carried over to the 2021 season.

As for the Patriots, they have lost their entire linebackers’ starting line. Collins and Van Noy left the team in the offseason, and now Hightower will not play either.

It looks like the Patriots are facing a crisis in the team. After Tom Brady left, the club’s management was betting on Vitale. The 26 – year – old Vitale was to become a catalyst for the team ‘s heavy offensive. The reason for Danny’s refusal to participate in the season was his newborn baby.

Later it turned out that Marcus Cannon also made a similar decision not to participate in the season. And we are very disappointed that the leader of the offensive line will miss his tenth season in the League. He is already 32 years old, and his football career is paused.

Dont’a Hightower was in solidarity with Vitale. Two-time Pro Bowler will not play in the season, because he has a newborn baby. The coaching staff should think carefully about who will be able to replace the informal leader of the corps of defenders.

Last days we knew that for security reasons Patrick Chung did not come to Gillette Stadium to be tested for coronavirus. It looks like he will miss the season. Running back Brandon Bolden has said he will stay at home and will not appear in the season. Najee Toran, an offensive lineman, said last Monday that he could not be counted on in the season.

It seems that the Patriots coach is facing hard times. Guys, maybe one of you wants to become a Patriots player? As we can see from the situation, there is enough space for everyone on the team.

Will the Patriots be able to win with such a lineup?

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