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Playing Behind Closed Doors: Unusual Ideas on How to Entertain the Fans.

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September 10th marks the day when the regular season is set to start after a lengthy break due to the COVID-19 lockdown, but the problem of empty stadiums is still unsolved. Although some people, like the Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross, are eager to fill up the stadiums with fans, the reality might be more limiting.

The NFL players have had some time on their hands recently, which led to a lot of hypothetical scenarios regarding fan entertainment for the upcoming season. 

Hear the Calls

Quite a lot of ideas revolve around mic’d-up players. Hearing calls in real-time, raw and uncensored, is what DeSean Jackson from the Eagles suggests as a way to introduce some exciting energy to the spectators’ booth. 

Hearing all of the dynamic craziness that goes on in the trenches might be enthralling, but it’s also a substantial complication for the players. 

For example, the Falcons’ Alex Mack said it’d be a hassle to change the code words before every game – but it would be necessary because the opposing team would learn the calls from the previous broadcasts.

Epic Soundtracks

Another idea Jackson suggests is personalized music for each team. Depending on who has the ball, a different playlist is played through the loudspeakers, creating a movie-like action atmosphere. 

It’s not as tricky to implement and it will definitely give everyone some sort of a ruler to measure ball possession. Don’t hear Drake singing in the middle of a game even though that’s usually the case? Well, that’s the direct sign that your team is feeling under the weather.

Giant Screens Outside

Alex Mack threw in the suggestion about drive-in theaters outside of the stadiums. Just like during the old days of cinema, you’ll park your car in front of the theater, get some popcorn, and watch the game unfold in front of you – all in the safety of your vehicle.


Those are just some of the creative ways that the entertainment landscape of the NFL could change during these challenging times. They might sound crazy, but every novel idea seems bizarre at first – until it is tried.

What are your thoughts on improving the viewing experience for NFL fans? Share your ideas!

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