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Kyrie Irving Boycotts the NBA Season Restart.

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The Brooklyn Nets’ quarterback is not about to play out the current NBA season. According to the press, Kyrie Irving is ready to organize a movement to cancel the season.

He Gives Players the Opportunity to Speak Out

The basketball player initiated an online conference, in which about 150 players took part. The topic of their discussion was the participation in the current NBA season.

β€œHe is trying to give players the opportunity to speak out and discuss issues: racial inequality, unity. The conference was useful,” says ESPN Senior NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski. Basketball players are concerned about the resumption of the season and believe that games should not be held during racial tensions in the United States as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

Vested Interest or Life Philosophy of Kyrie Irving?

Interestingly, Irving himself, one way or another, had to miss the season due to a shoulder injury. Therefore, the question arises about what goals he is pursues. Many are prone to the fact that Irving is still competing with LeBron James, who is the contender for the main title. Their clubs have equal chances of reaching the playoffs, which aggravates competition.

However, Irving explains his position simply, β€œI do not support this venture. I do not want to be associated with systematic racism and other garbage. It is a scent of trouble.”

By the way, the NBA and the players’ union have decided not to apply sanctions to basketball players who refuse to take part in the restart of the season. However, such basketball players will not receive a salary for missed matches. Besides, it seems that not only Kyrie Irving boycotts the NBA season restart, because Dwight Howard, Donovan Mitchell, and Carmelo Anthony have the same intention.

Do you support Irving’s suggestion not to start the season now?

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