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NBA restarts the season. Everything you Need to Know.

NBA Restart the Season
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The league returns 85 days after the season was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s see how the NBA restarts the season.

How Long Will it Takes to Restart the season?

It is scheduled that the seventh game of the NBA Finals will take place no later than October the 12th.

The first game may be postponed, but for no longer, than several days. There will be no need to arrange additional games between the teams. The NBA is likely to push the dates of the playoff series after the previous game, to use time more productively.

Will We See Back-to-Back Games?

One back-to-back is waiting for each team provided that it is a regular championship with 8 games. Nevertheless, back-to-backs will be played in a day in this season.

How Often Will Coronavirus Tests Be Run?

According to Ramona Shelburne, ESPN, the NBA plans to run tests for everyone each day. Epidemiologists, in turn, claim that it will help to avoid negative effects on the whole NBA season. Besides, such security measures are unprecedented.
Moreover, everyone will have to stick to other safety measures such as social distancing. The staff will provide temperature checks. Also, disinfection must be performed as well. Masks are also required.

Will the Season Be Postponed Again if Someone Tests Positive for COVID-19?

Frankly speaking, it is one of the most serious issues after determining all the other nuances of a future season such as the restart format, calendar, and accompanying details. The NBA has a certain plan on how to act when someone tested positive, beginning from a staff member and ending with a player.
The NBA will not stop the games even if someone will be infected. Instead, the league plans to isolate this man. Then they will look after the teammates or colleagues of such a person.

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