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Which Teams Have the Most Passionate Fans?

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Forbes has conducted a comprehensive study of the North American fanbases to identify the most active and devoted ones. The metrics were number-based and included game attendance, TV audience, merchandise sales, and of course social media activity. The exploration involved every major sport, and it turns out that NFL teams are uncontested. The top spots are taken by the American football franchises, so let’s look at the three most passionate fans in the NFL.

Green Bay Packers

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The Cheesheads’ fans are the most dedicated out there. Don’t look at the impressive 7+ million social media following or the 70k+ attendance. Just think of this: there are 137k people on the waiting list for season-tickets. The renewal rate for them? A whopping 99%!

New England Patriots

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One of the most famous teams in America combines excellency with controversy. Scandals, however, don’t keep its fans from supporting the team and elevating its “social equity”. With 11+ million followers online and an average of over 65k people attending the games, Patriots have a strong army of supporters.

New Orleans Saints

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Fans dressed as Popes, clowns, and the undead are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Saints’ fanbase. Wonder how many of the New Orleans citizens consider themselves to be Saints’ fans? Over 75%! Social media numbers are at 5+ million, with game attendance going over 73k.


Although college football and European soccer boast crazy-devoted fan communities, the NFL seems to be a worthy contender as well. The fans have a passion and an eagerness to share wins and losses with their favorite team, which is something that unites millions of people worldwide.

Which team are you passionate about? 

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