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Spitting in the opponent’s face, throwing bottles – the most scandalous actions of fighters outside the ring.

fighters outside the ring
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As the MMA got popular, it became more than a casual sport. It has become an entertainment where the fans enjoy the confrontations between martial arts masters both during the clash inside the octagon and also outside it. It`s not a surprise that the fighters can promote an upcoming fight in all ways possible, including the cocky stunts not only in the cage. The most scandalous actions of fighters outside the ring.

Eagle’s flight

Khabib`s win over Conor McGregor was historical. After the trash talk has ended and when the four-round beating by the Eagle stopped, Khabib was in the winning position. Eagle was pissed off by the McGregor`s trash talk and after the win, the fighting itself was not over yet. Shortly after the bell rang Khabib spat on the defeated opponent and then literally flew over the cage to punish Conor`s teammate Dillon Dennis for his comments during the fight. It led to a mass scuffle between two fighters` teams and only the police managed to stop it. Khabib was disqualified for 9 months and paid $500 thousand fine for himself and $50 thousand for two of his teammates who jumped into the cage and attacked McGregor. Thanks to Eagle`s stunt UFC 229 became one of the most memorable and controversial events in UFC history.

Diaz brothers` conference disruption

We can`t talk about fighters` stunts and not mention the Notorious Conor McGregor. He became the one who made UFC entertaining not only in terms of the spectacular fights, but he has shown that the trash talk and the prefight events might be as important as the fight itself. During the press conference regarding his rematch against Nate Diaz on UFC 202, Conor was 29 minutes late. It made his opponent angry and shortly after McGregor came, Diaz and his crew walked out of the hall pointing fingers at Conor and tossing bottles in his direction. The Notorious didn`t hesitate to respond to Diaz and threw every bottle and can he had on the table right on the heads of the Diaz Brothers` team. Conor has brilliantly promoted the fight, but he had been fined $150 thousand and sentenced to 150 hours of public work.

Jones and Johnson fake brawl

One of the most scandalous actions of fighters outside the ring is the brawl after Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson. Their standout suddenly turned to a brawl and an exchange of swear words. These two brutal heavyweights were about to start the fight right there and Dana looked desperate in the attempt to stop them. The brawl turned out to be a well-played prank conceived by both fighters who are actually friendly with one another. And even though Jon Jones never managed to fight Anthony Johnson because of Jones` legal problems, their standout still remains one of the most memorized fighters` stunts which were performed in a friendly and harmless manner.


Over the last years, the MMA has become incredibly popular and keeps drawing attention no matter what. It is all thanks to the brilliant and memorable clashes which tend to happen anywhere and not only inside the octagon.  Several fighters have shown that the run-up to the fight and the incidents after it can be even more entertaining than the fight itself.

In your opinion, can fighters afford something like this towards an opponent?

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