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Michael Jordan’s Baseball Career.

Michael Jordan's Baseball Career
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We all know Michael Jordan to be the greatest basketball player. But not everyone knows that Michael took a one-year break in his basketball career to play baseball. However, he was not in the Major League, so many don’t remember him. Nevertheless, let’s go back to Michael Jordan’s baseball career in the 90s.

His Goal Is the Major League

So, in 1994, Jordan for the first time (yes, he did it several times) ended his career in the NBA and 4 months later signed a contract with the Chicago White Sox. He played baseball in high school in 1981. His father always wanted Michael to be a baseball player. And it was the murder of his father in the summer of 1993 that made Michael try his hand at baseball.

After a while, 31-year-old Jordan played in the MiLB for the Birmingham Barons. Michael was a batter and trained so hard that the coach once said: “No one can work better than him. His goal is the Major League!”

In general, at the beginning of his baseball career, Jordan showed everyone that baseball is easy: Michael hit 3 home runs in 157 games; as a right-wing outfielder he made 11 mistakes and 6 assists. But at the same time, he was one of 6 players of his level, who stole 30 bases and reached 50 RBI.

I`m Back

After the season ended in 1994, Michael explained his switch to another sport: “What I gave people is an inspiration, I received criticism for what I did, though. It was just a good opportunity that I took advantage of.”

In 1995, in the middle of the baseball season, the basketball-baseball player uttered 2 words that ended Michael Jordan’s baseball career, “Now, I’m back to basketball.”

Can you imagine Michael Jordan as a famous and successful baseball player? Or can you see him only in basketball?

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