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Top 5 MMA Trash Talkers Who Couldn’t Back It Up

top 5 MMA trashtalkers
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It isn’t uncommon to see a display of manliness, confidence, or arrogance during MMA press conferences. The obvious example is Conor McGregor and his overly expressive behavior – his behavior is akin to animalistic intimidation aimed to shake the self-confidence of an opponent. 

Sometimes, fighters tend to walk the thin line of being overly demeaning and offensive. And if they don’t back up their words in the cage, their trash-talk ends up doing more harm to their image than they had anticipated.

Bethe Correia

top 5 MMA trashtalkers
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Although an exceptional fighter, Bethe Correia doesn’t seem to know when to draw the line. For example, before her 2015 match against Ronda Rousey, not only did she offend Ronda herself but she went after her family. Needless to say, Ronda didn’t take the offense lightly. 

Correia lasted 34 seconds, unable to continue the fight after an impressive knockout by Rousey. Most surprising of all, that didn’t stop Correia’s conviction that she was the superior fighter of the two as she continued the trash-talking.

Chael Sonnen

top 5 MMA trashtalkers
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Chael was persistent in saying that he wanted Anderson Silva’s wife to make him a medium-rare steak. You would think that after losing the fight by being choked out by Silva, he would reconsider his attitude. 

And yet he showed the opposite of respect and continued the trash-talk. The next fight between the two fighters resulted in a knockout. Again, it was Silva who was victorious.

Chael then transitioned to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, claiming to be the best fighter in the world. Unsurprisingly, he couldn’t back up his self-proclaimed mastery, losing to Andre Galvao within the first 10 minutes of the match.

Nate Diaz

This guy is notorious about irritating other fighters and asserting his dominance. However, that demeanor did not help him in a fight with Josh Thompson, who knocked out the trash-talker in the second round and didn’t leave him any chance to squeeze in any more words.

Diaz has already managed to flip off Khabib Nurmagomedov, whom he had a brawl with during the WSOF event. When the fight between the two finally happens, Diaz will have to back up his arrogance with action.

Nick Diaz

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Yep, it’s another Diaz who can’t seem to keep his language in check. Nick Diaz seems to be completely oblivious about his fighting proficiency, as he trash-talks before, after, and even during the matches. 

Most notably, Nick Diaz was screaming and throwing offensive words at GSP while the Canadian was tackling him on the ground and simply dominating the fight. Needless to say, Nick Diaz lost the match.

Michael Bisping

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Otherwise a decent performer, Michael Bisping does not do well in the Octagon after trash-talking his opponents. The spectacular losses to Belford or Rockhold are great examples. 

Rockhold finished the fight in the first round with a series of successful punches that knocked Bisping out.  Belfort was a little more generous: he gave Michael two rounds.


Arrogance and overconfidence are one thing, but trash-talking rarely seems to be serving the MMA fighters any good. They make for a myriad of entertaining moments instead. Fans love it – nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing a bully get punched in the face. 

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