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The Empire of NBA Numbers: TS% or value of throws.

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As part of our weekly section The Empire of NBA Numbers, we will continue to talk about basketball statistics.

Today, value has become the mantra for serious basketball fans who miss standard statistics and look into such indicators as effective field goal percentage (EFG%) and true shooting percentage (TS%).

The free throw is almost as old as basketball itself, James Naismith invented it at one time with other elements of the game back in 1891 at the Springfield gym. First, the distance from the basket to the penalty line was approximately six meters, but in 1895 it was reduced to the usual 4.6. This throw is the basis of basketball – getting the ball into the basket. Over the centuries, much has changed in the game itself, but the penalty remains unchanged.

Today, we will talk about the last component of 4 factors – the penalty rating  (FTA rate). This is the number of throws taken per line per game. And this indicator closes the topic. Because if a team does not lose the ball, it does not mean that it necessarily threw the ball out of the game, it may have earned free throws. This should be taken into account. But it could theoretically remove this factor from the list, replacing eFG% with TS%.

True Shooting is another combined accuracy measure that takes into account the value of throws and includes not only two-point and three-point but also a penalty. Then the throws from the line will be taken into account. But of course, the frequency of penalties gives a more complete picture of the game.

Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard raised to No. 1 in NBA playoff by True Shooting percentage. Leonard started in the 2019 playoffs in 3rd place. Kawhi can throw three-pointers, defend in multiple positions, hold the ball, and make decisions. He is a versatile player. Therefore, according to the editorial staff, the first place rating the basketball player received was deserved! What do you think?

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