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From Father to Son: 3 dynasties of the NFL clubs owners

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As a rule, US business leaders own the NFL clubs. Nevertheless, sometimes even entire families are engaged in such work. Let us look at 3 dynasties of the NFL clubs owners.

How to Make $900 Million out of $50 Thousand?

William Bidwill ruled the Arizona Cardinals half a century until his death. He died last year at age 88. The Bidwill family has owned the club since 1932, that was when William’s father, Charles acquired it for only 50 thousand dollars. By the way, the current market value of the Cardinals is $914 million.

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However, William cannot be called a fully successful businessman. For example, the team qualified for the playoffs only five times. Perhaps, his sons Michael and Bill will manage to succeed.

The Most Active President among NFL Club Owners

Jerry Jones is very egocentric. He acquired the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 for $ 140 million. Immediately after the purchase, Jones fired the head coach, then the general manager.

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The team won the Super Bowl three times (1992, 1993, 1995). However, since 1995, the Cowboys have been failing. Nevertheless, Jones is a great businessman. His fortune is estimated at $ 2 billion. Jones is already 77, but he is not going to retire. Well, if anything happens to him, his son Stephen will continue along the same path.

A Sharp-Witted Son of a Coach

Mike Brown, aged 84, is Paul Brown`s son, who was the first Cleveland Browns coach. By the way, the team was named in his honor. For many years, Mike Brown was the right-hand man of his father, and after his death in 1991, he single-handedly ran the franchise.

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In the mid-90s, Brown managed to build his own stadium in agreement with the authorities. However, Mike Brown is not a role model. The reputable sports portal Yahoo Sports named him one of the worst managers of the league. However, one cannot deny his business skills.

You read about 3 dynasties of the NFL clubs owners. And you may also read about entire families who played hockey.

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