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Entire Families Play in the NHL: the 5 Most Successful

Entire Families Play in the NHL
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There were entire families play in the NHL, consisting of brothers, fathers with sons, and other blood relatives.

The Howes – 2630 points

Families Play in the NHL
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Naturally, the main star of this family is Gordie Howe, who has played for 34 years.  He ended his career having won the Stanley Cup four times, and being the best goal scorer in NHL history. His younger brother, Vic, was not so successful. However, Howe managed to realize his dream – he got out on the ice with his sons. And not just went out, but played for several seasons!

The Gretzky family – 2861 points

families play in the NHL
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This family ranks in the top five thanks to Wayne, and this is also an incredible achievement. The youngest brother, Brent, was signed by The Tampa Bay Lightning but played only a few games in the NHL. Nevertheless, Wayne managed to compete with his brother one time. He was playing for the Los Angeles Kings then.

The Stastnys – 2900 points

Families Play in the NHL
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The Stastny brothers (Marian, Peter, and Anton) were the stars of Czechoslovak hockey and played for Slovan. In the early 1980s, they moved to North America. The brothers began playing for The Quebec Nordiques, the team that had just joined the NHL. The best scorer was Peter, who easily gained 100 or more points in a season.

The Hulls – 3215 points

Families Play in the NHL
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Bobby is the most famous member of the family. He made his NHL debut at age 18 and became one of the best players. His brother Dennis used to live in the shadow of Bobby. But his son, nicknamed the Golden Brett, surpassed both of them.  In the late 1980s, he was one of the best players in the world, scoring 70-80 goals per season.

The Sutters – 3217 points

Families Play in the NHL
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There were a lot of representatives of this family – six brothers, one son and a nephew. Individually, none of them could compete with either Brett Hull or Peter Stastny. But there were so many of them that these guys became perhaps the most famous hockey family in North America.

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