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The Empire of the NBA Numbers.

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As they say, statistics have no favorites. In endless brawls and ratings, which are usually subjective, cold numbers are an essential basis without prejudice. In our weekly section, we will talk only about the most up-to-date and useful information in American basketball. Let’s analyze the team metrics and player’s metrics. It will be interesting!

Individual indicators of basketball players (are formed from) are composed of 3 statistical sections:

1) The amount of work in the attack.

2) Efficiency in the attack

3) The amount of protection work.

Today we’ll talk about throws.

Usage Percentage (USG%)

This metric takes into account productive attacking activities – throws, penalties, and losses. USG% reflects the load when the ball is thrown.

At the moment, the NBA’s leader in this metric is Giannis, with a usage percentage of over 36.2. That is, when he is on the floor, 36% of the Bucks’ possessions end in a Greek attack. This is not surprising, given his 20 shots in (from) the game and 10 penalties in (for) 30 minutes on the floor.  This is the seventh score in history, above are only Bryant, Jordan, Harden, Iverson and Westbrook (twice). In this case, only Harden is near to Giannis, while others are much lower. Such an indicator is easy to see in the game because Giannis is the center of all Milwaukee attacks.

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“For such versatility, Antetokounmpo is a terror to its opponents, and it is almost impossible to stop it.” – commented on sports journalists.

“Being such a good player at USG%, but so young and so versatile, Janice Antetokounmpo can mark an era in NBA history and shape the next generation of athletic and versatile players.” – analyzes portal

Despite such compliments on the player’s side, Giannis said that even after reaching the star status, he continued (continues) to worry before matches.

“Yes, I’m always nervous before the game. If you’re not nervous, then you don’t care ”the Greek said.

In general, efficiency is well described by the same eFG% or TS%. They make adjustments to the value of throws and summarize all indicators together. But there are important details to keep in mind. Next Thursday we will talk about these important details!

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