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Tom Brady leaves the Patriots after playing for 20 years: eager for development or for financial gain?

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What are the signs that the world has gone crazy? Closed borders? Canceled sports events? That is true However, to make the picture completely clear, it is enough for Tom Brady to leave the New England Patriots.

Why did the choice fall on the Tampa?

The first version is the economic benefit. However, it is obvious, that money is not of primary interest for Brady – he agreed to cut his salary at the Patriots for the sake of reinforcing the team more than once. But still, 30 million per year is a good deal, taking into account the favorable tax system in Florida. Not to mention the nicer weather Tom’s new location, in terms of both average temperature and the number of sunny days a year.

The second version is purely professional issues. It is no secret that Brady lacked a hard wide receivers group during his career.  Of course, we do not forget about Moss, Edelman, Welker, and Gronk. Nevertheless, it left much to be desired at the receiver positions. The current situation in the Buccaneers is better, thanks to Godwin and Evans, who are in their prime.

What important, Brady will be under the supervision of a tough coach again. Perhaps, as a leader, Bruce Erians did not achieve significant success. Nevertheless, the experience is not something he lacks. Anyway, not every NFL coach can boast of working with Payton Manning, Ben Rothlisberg, and Andrew Luck.

The only doubtful point is the perennial question of compatibility with the coach`s style. At the same time, Erians showed certain flexibility and ability to develop the best qualities of quarterbacks, as well as smooth over the worst ones. Therefore, we can safely believe that they will find common ground.

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