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The Most Devastating Career-Ending Injuries in MMA

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Although at the time of this article no fighter has died due to injuries in a UFC competition, a number of promising sportsmen have suffered tragic consequences. The following list will remind you about the tangible dangers of the MMA and the risks involved with stepping inside the cage.

Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos

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A seasoned veteran of the Octagon, Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos did not expect the fight against Michael ‘Venom’ Page to be his last one. In July of 2016, however, the fierce knee punch from Venom, a rising star with a 10-0 streak at the time, hit the Cyborg’s forehead and sent him straight to the emergency room. 

After surgery that lasted for hours, Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos had no choice but to admit that the dent on his forehead is an undeniable obstruction between him and an MMA career.

Cody Stevens

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Cody ‘Wolverine’ Stevens was a professional fighter with over 30 fights under his belt. However, what he’s become known for is the injury he experienced during the 2018 fight against Aaron Mitchell. 

The latter sent Wolverine into a TKO with a strike that led to Aaron’s thumb going into an opponent’s eye socket. Most horrifying of all, almost all the liquid from the eye was gone. 

Thanks to the doctors’ mastery, Cody’s eye was eventually saved, but his career took an irreversible turn as he became legally blind on one eye.

James Te Huna

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Our last entry on the list did not suffer a visually terrifying injury. Instead, James Te Huna has been subjected to a myriad of concussions during his MMA career. That, however, was only discovered after Te Huna had been sent to the hospital after a 52-second-long fight against Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua in 2016. 

Te Huna was sent into a knockdown by a mighty right hook. The doctor’s conclusion was devastating: Te Huna had bleeding in his brain combined with multiple lesions. 

This led to a lengthy recovery and a definite end to his professional career as the fighter suffered from memory issues for the whole month after he had been released from the hospital.


This list is a gruesome reminder of how an unfortunate event can demolish the integrity of one’s life in one instant.  

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