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The Domination of Wheeled Tanks in World of Tanks Is Over.

World of Tanks
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The players’ tears and pleas were heard. Now the era of the domination of wheeled tanks in World of Tanks is over.

Top Dogs

When the developers first announced the wheeled tanks, the feelings of the players were mixed. On the one hand, they received variety and new emotions. On the other hand, having seen the new mechanics in action and the technical characteristics of the new tanks, it was suggested that since they showed up, the already “creaking” balance would be under threat. Furthermore, fast, agile, and maneuverable tanks began so-to-say flying around the map and terrifying the enemy.

They were given everything except armor – the best speed in the game, excellent accuracy, small size, and shells. Thus, tanks had such characteristics as acceleration to 62 mph in three to four seconds, a high chance of hitting a projectile, good accuracy, stabilization, and aiming speed. Only players with high-performing computers, skilled hands, and a smart head could realize the potential of wheeled tanks.

Things Have Changed

For a long time, the developers did not succumb to provocations, but in the end, they gave up and announced that the era of domination of wheeled tanks in World of Tanks is over. Players will see the weakening of mechanics in all wheeled tanks and changes in the technical characteristics of top tanks. Even the premium equipment, which the developers usually do not touch, will change. If the wheels were damaged, the tank lost its dynamics, but the speed remained untouched. Now, if the wheel is damaged, the tank will greatly lose not only in dynamics but also in speed. And if two wheels are knocked down, the speed of the tank will drop almost twice from the initial number.

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