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The Reasonability of the NFL training camps start.

NFL training camps
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An email from NFL President of Operations Troy Vincent has recently shaken up the whole community. The beginning of the NFL training camps is scheduled for 21-28 of July. The question arises, is this decision going to harm teams more than it will benefit them?

Camps are live

According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, training camps ought to start on July 21st for rookies, July 23rd for quarterbacks and injured players, July 28th for all the rest. It might sound good for the means as they can get ready for the 2020 NFL season starting on September 10th. It would be so if there wasn`t the coronavirus.

Virus jamming up

COVID-2019 pandemic is still raging in the US and the rest of the world. It has also affected the NFL with a total number of 95 people infected (59 of them are players). The situation is getting better and all the necessary means are being implemented, but it is still far from perfect timing for the next NFL season to start. NFLPA members share this thought. Even though NFL officials fight for its success, the fate of the next league season is one of the ceaseless uncertainties sports fans face over the last decade.

Players are concerned

Shortly after news about opening the training camps, there was a bunch of twits from the famous league players, such as Dolphins QB Byron Jones, Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, and many others have expressed their desire to participate in this season. One issued bothering them is safety for them and their families. Dozens of messages from the players said that they are going to play only if the NFL makes necessary arrangements for it.

Health and safety protocols

One thing is clear – the training camps start this week. The security measures like social distancing, face covering and the compulsory COVID-19 testing by BioReference Laboratories are implemented. The players insisted on a daily test as the camps open, so the risk of contagion is expected to be minimal.

The facilities are being provided with testing bays at an entry point, which is going to be only one for each facility and is going to have temperature checks and sanitation. Each team is also given three COVID Protocol Coordinators ensuring that the necessary rules are going to be obeyed.

Preseason games won’t happen

A real battle took place when the players fought for an extended acclimation period and overall 48-day training camps. It conflicts with preseason games that are shortened from 4 to 2 weeks, and then to 1 week, and then the NFL decided to remove them completely. The schedule of the training camps is simply not matching with them, and one preseason game won`t make any difference. Ian Rapport simply responds about the preseason games cancellation – “having preseason games this year just doesn`t make any sense”.


It gives us 48-day training camps and the season starting on the 10th of September. Whether the players have received what they have asked for, well, in fact, we`ll find out soon. Even if the league can cope with health issued and safety protocols, it might be difficult for players to do their best on the field when there`ll be no fans. Of course, if the situation won’t get any better by the start of the season.

Do you want the NFL seasonal to start?

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