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What awaits the Broncos attack in 2020?

Broncos attack
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After the dismissal of Rich Scangarello, the previous Denver attack coordinator, Vic Fangio explained that in a modern game you need to create explosive play and score points, regardless of the strength of your defense. Despite his defensive specialization, he likes aggressive football. And who, if not Fangio, knows how much more difficult it is to defend against an attack that effectively stretches the field in width or vertical – this is what Pat Shurmur should bring with him. So, what trends can be expected in the new Broncos attack?

Spread Formations

The spread entails the appearance of an additional receiver in the roster – a sharp, explosive rout runner (a la Tyreek Hill). Another need for the team is a strong, maneuverable receiver with reliable hands, able to take advantage of the lower zones after the flanking receivers will take part of defenders downfield, and the tight end will clear the middle. In the free space, after a short catch, his task is to extend the play as much as possible, provoking miss titles and gaining additional yards with his feet.

Remote circuit

The most common scheme of Shurmur is an outside zoon, that is, zone blocks. Denver does not have the appropriate personnel to switch to power takeaways. Naturally, the zone take-out will also appear inside, wherewith a sparse box (thanks to the spread), zones will appear.

The transition from blocking tight-end to catching

Over the past three years, Denver, with a tenacity worthy of a better application, has tried to introduce a tight end into the attack. But it all ended with two blocking ends, in the hope of starting a takeaway and throwing them one or two assists per match. Now the team has Noah Fant – a trendy tight end operating at high speeds, including in deep zones. How Shurmur uses the tight-end we know from the example of Engram. Note that both are taken in the first round, which means that their value for franchises, given the investment, is the same. And in general, both have the same skill set and anthropometry, including speed, height, weight, arm length, and even palm width.

Of course, Shurmur’s attack is not limited to the spread. Like any experienced NFL specialist, he learned that not only football players, but also coaches should strive for universalism!

Which trend of the Broncos attack do you like the most?

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