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The most popular superstitions of hockey players.

superstitions of hockey players
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Hockey is a tough and unpredictable sport. Like football, hockey is full of different superstitions and rituals helping players to steady their nerves and get ready for the fierce competition. Some of them look like real obsessions. The most well-known superstitions of hockey players are presented in the list below.

Laces insanity

superstitions of hockey players
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A legendary defenseman, Raymond Jean Bourque, had a superstition that borders with obsession. He used to change laces before every game and between every period. If for an ordinary man such an action can be a proper sign that the man needs a doctor, for Borque it was a certain ritual for obtaining better concentration for the game.

Gretzky’s beverage habit

superstitions of hockey players
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The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, had another semi-obsessive ritual. At the beginning of each new period, he used to drink a special list of beverages in a special order. He stated with a Diet Coke, then drank water, then drank a Gatorade, and ended up with another Diet Coke. We agree with you that it sounds a bit outrageous but who are we to argue with the Great One?

Special treatment

superstitions of hockey players
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If the previous two habits didn`t seem strange enough, behold a truly eccentric superstition of another legend, Joe Nieuwendyk. Apart from his impressive record, Joe had one really strange routine. He used to not only eat exactly two peanut butter sandwiches before the match but also put some baby powder on his stick. He treated it as a part of certain magical ritual without which, he believed, it`ll be impossible to win.

Lonely prizes

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This is probably one of the most popular superstitions among hockey players. Many of them were sure that touching their trophies may result in bad luck during the game. That`s why a myriad of Conference Trophies and Stanley Cups have to spend their time in loneliness, never touched by their weird owners.


Hockey is indeed one of the roughest sports nowadays. Winning might a real struggle from time to time. That`s why players have invented certain rituals and superstitions that help them with the mental pressure. Even though most of them look absolutely insane, those superstitions became a huge part of hockey, and not having at least one of them may result in becoming a sore thumb.  

Which of these superstitions seem the most strange for you?

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