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George St-Pierre is Ready to Listen to an Offer from the UFC, but not for the Fight with Kamaru Usman.

Georges St-Pierre
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The Former UFC champion George St-Pierre praised the intelligence of the UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and explained what thoughts he has to contend with as he watches the best fighters in the UFC. George St. Pierre is ready to listen to an offer from the UFC, but not for the fight with Kamaru Usman.

40th Birthday is around the Corner

He believes that everyone wants to work less and earn more. In a conversation with a journalist, Saint-Pierre shared that he believes that the rival and the organization will make good money from a fight with him. Also, in the event of a victory, a nice sum awaits them. Saint Pierre says he often thinks that he still has strength, especially when he works out. However, having already returned home, he is seized by the thought that his 40th birthday is around the corner.

Not to Be Late

According to George St-Pierre, he asks himself whether he wants to return to the sport. And he honestly answers to himself that he is not ready. Too many fighters ended their careers too late and left the sport being defeated. The fighter says that he is healthy, and that is the most important thing. Besides, he does not need money. Having considered all pros and cons, Saint-Pierre made the choice not to return to the UFC.

Usman’s intelligence

The ex-champion now has other plans and projects, but he assures us that he continues to follow sporting events, including the fights of Kamaru. Besides, he praises not so much the physical strength of Usman as his mental abilities. Saint-Pierre believes that the ability to develop strategies helps Usman. Also, he foresees a great future for him. Therefore, it may be concluded that George St. Pierre is ready to listen to an offer from the UFC, but not for the fight with Kamaru Usman.

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