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The most tempting TI finals of all time.

TI finals
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Dota 2 community has been frustrated because of the International 2020 in Stockholm was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For this occasion, we’ve prepared the highlights of the most breathtaking TI finals of all time. The true Dota 2 fans will feel nostalgic and rookies to the game will find out why we all love this creature of the gaming industry.

It’s a disastah!!!

This is a perfect example of how one single move can cost everything for a losing side. The International 2015 was remembered as the golden time for Evil Geniuses that were sweeping everyone out of their path towards victory. Despite this, passing through CDEC wasn`t such an easy task. A breakthrough took place when favorites gathered to kill Roshan at the 30th minute, but they never made it. An instant Ice Blast and Echo Slam from the Geniuses made a point in their counter, after which the Chinese team lost its standing and handed EG a victory and unimaginable 6 million dollars.

The greatest comeback ever by OG

Another time when a Chinese team was a favorite and another great upset took place was during The International 2018 final. No one bet on OG, but they kept fighting and smashing noble teams one by one. Their finals boss was a 100% favorite PSG.LGD. Europeans had barely made it to the 5th game. PSG dominated during the whole game. It`ll be hard to count how many times OG was on the edge an how many times Europeans managed to recover and fight back. A fight for the Aegis turned the game in OG`s favor and PSG became those who were trying to survive. No one could even imagine that the underdogs could counter Chinese dominators and eventually beat them in one of the most fascinating TI finals ever.

Behold the El Clásico of Dota 2.  

The 2011 Internationals. Champions Natus Vincere from Ukraine faced a dangerous Swedish team Alliance, ready to take their championship. Their final game had everything to become a legend. It includes the incredible early-game moves from Na`Vi`s carry XBOCT, and not less impressive Dream Coils from Alliance mid-liner s4. One of them cost Na`VI 2 sides, and the second one, later called “the one million dollar Dream Coil”, stole a victory from the Ukrainian team. No words can explain the excitement that arises in those who watch this number one TI final of all times.


These are the greatest TI finals that we`ll never forget. Gladly there`re still unsurpassed Dota 2 teams and there are still tournaments where they can do their best and show us that e-sports can be as much breathtaking as a “non-digital” one.

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