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The Stanley Cup is Farther Away than Ever. What Does the News Media Write about the Failures of Washington?

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The relegation of Washington from the Stanley Cup 2020, especially after the defeat from the team of their former coach could not but cause a violent reaction. Now the Stanley Cup is farther away than ever.

Shaky Success

All the magic of Washington is gone. All the energy when they took their first-ever Stanley Cup on an electrified June 2018 night in Vegas and then started swimming in the fountains, was gone. One has to wonder watching the veteran backbone of the team that left the bubble on Thursday night, “Do the Capitals have another opportunity to make a deep run in the playoffs?” If they do, then the team’s lineup is unlikely to resemble the one we saw last month in Toronto.

Certainly, Barry Trotz and his team deserve a lot of credit for playing with each other and quickly knocking an opponent out of action. Their place in the next round looks absolutely legitimate.

It Will Be an Interesting Off-Season

“The defeat showed the vulnerability of Washington. The players of the Capitals were considered favorites in this series, scoring 10 points more than the Islanders in the regular season,” said ESPN’s writer Greg Wyszynski.

NBC Sports columnist Jay Regan, in turn, said that none of Washington’s bottom-six forwards have scored a single goal, including Ilya Kovalchuk, whom the team acquired based on his performance.

“It will be an interesting offseason for General Manager Brian MacLellan. He must decide what to do with Todd Reirden. He must also think about whom to send to the expansion draft in Seattle, which could further deplete the team s strength. How could their games against the Islanders be so disappointing and boring at times? The Stanley Cup cannot be taken away. However, now it is farther away than ever,” says columnist Barry Svrlug from Washington Post.

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