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The Rising Star Geoff Neal Faces a Near-Death Experience.

Geoff Neal
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One of the most prominent UFC fighters in the welterweight division had a major death scare, the fighter revealed on Instagram Sunday. He was taken to the ICU and spent the whole week in critical condition. Geoff Neal was scheduled to fight Neil Magny on August 29, but Robbie Lawler will be taking his place since Neal is unlikely to be octagon-ready by that time.

The Coach Sheds Some Light

Sayif Saud, who’s been coaching Neal for years, spoke to the media about the incident. He said for two days no one knew if the fighter was going to make it. 

The drastic increase in his blood cell count indicated that Neal’s body was fighting something. It wasn’t the flu or the coronavirus because Neal’s tests came negative, but doctors don’t know what it was even to this day. 

Thankfully, his body was strong enough to fight off the malignant disease. Geoff Neal is now at his home, recovering.

Neal’s Promising Career

Geoff “Handz of Steel” Neal has risen to 11th place in the welterweight rankings with a 13-2 streak. His last seven fights were all wins: four TKOs, one KO, and one submission. Neal’s most recent victory was against Mike Perry in December of 2019. 

Neal worked as a server at a Texas Roadhouse since 2009, only stepping back when his fight with Perry was finally arranged. 

He returned to his server job this June, just seven months after he left it. Neal struggled to schedule his next fight, and he needed the money to keep himself afloat.


With an unfortunate combination of events that canceled Geoff Neal’s next fight and left him with health concerns and the same financial concerns as before, it’s unclear as to how long it will take him to recover. 

In his Instagram post regarding the near-death experience, the fighter said that it put many things into perspective. We’re speculating here, but it might be a while until he returns to the UFC – if at all. 

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