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How Jae Crowder Helps Miami Have an Edge Over Opponents.

Jae Crowder
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Jae Crowder is a bit of an underdog this season. Most people didn’t pay attention when he got signed in February because their eyes were on Andre Iguodala, and yet it’s Crowder who disrupts the playstyle of Miami’s opponents and boosts his team in the renewed season.

Recent Games

But the games were not all victories. Winning the starting two games against the Nuggets and the Celtics seemed to have set the team on the right path, but the next two games were the opposite. 

Without Butler and Dragic, key players in their respective domains, the team lost to the Bucks and the Suns. To the fans’ delight, the two will be returning for the next game against Oklahoma. 

Crowder’s Contribution

Crowder only started appearing in the starting lineup since the onset of the season this summer, but it’s already proven to bring results. 

His success rate from the long-range sits at 65 percent. Jae keeps on shooting, too: a total of 29 attempts signify his eagerness to utilize his abilities.

What does Crowder do during the game that is so amazing? You can find out here.

Being a forward, Crowder doesn’t just aimlessly try to hit the net. His strategy is to disrupt and stretch the opposing players. While his teammates enjoy the abundance of more tactical room to work with and newly created plays, Crowder runs to defense. 

Versatile and smart, he is able to defend a number of positions, thus tightening up the Swiss Army knife that is Miami Heat this season.

Jae’s teammate, Duncan Robinson, praises his versatility and the ability to switch positions and confuse the opponent. He concludes by saying that Crowder is an ‘incredibly unselfish player’, a quality somewhat rare in the ranks of top 1% of basketball.

Potential Difficulties for Miami

The only question for the Heats remains whether or not the young players handle the play-offs well. It’s not a secret that postseason games put more pressure on the team, both mentally and physically. Back-to-back games at high stakes is no joke even for a seasoned pro.


The Heats core team is composed of players who’ve never played in the playoffs, but the overall direction of the team and how it adapts gives us hope that even if we don’t see a march to the championship from Miami, we sure will witness exciting battles.

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