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Steel leaves Counter-Strike for VALORANT.

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The most surprising news that took place over the last few days is that Joshua Nissan, known as Steel, retired. 

Steel is considered to be one of the best players, but he has had many ups and downs. For example, in 2015 he was banned by Valve (Counter-Strike developer) for fixing a match. So, like many other famous players, Steel is going to build his career in VALORANT. 

One of the most brilliant minds

Steel is a really talented player, but the fact that he fixed the match is still following him. If you search for him this is the first Google result you will see. Although he has rehabilitated his image, people keep talking about it. 

According to Steel’s words, it’s extremely difficult to work with people judging him. Nevertheless, every cloud has a silver lining, so this unpleasant situation helped him to strive for more. 

Now he is considered to be one of the most brilliant minds. In VALORANT, he is looking for an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. 

Steel’s future perspectives

The past few years were not easy for Steel. He helped to build teams, although being unable to participate in major events. VALORANT will certainly give Steel new opportunities, so this player will certainly surprise his fans with new achievements.

Dunkan Shields is sure that Steel is a great player, so his future will be impressive. He played for top teams in Counter-Strike, so people expect he will show great results in the future. 

Speaking about his plans, Steel hopes to find an organization that would listen to his and other players’ wishes, like relocations and so on. According to him, building a team is extremely important, as a great team is a key factor that determines long-term success. 


So, Joshua Nissan is not going to give up his career because of some problems he faced. 

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