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The NYSL has announced the addition of Clayster

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Clayster (James Eubanks) is known as one of the best players, as he’s been showing great results in Call of Duty since 2007. This award-winning player has three titles, two of them he won in 2019 and 2020.

A closer look

After the Call of Duty League championship (less than 24 hours after it), it was announced that Clayster has left the team because of a new team structure that was implemented recently. As we know, previously it was 5 vs. 5, but now we have 4 vs. 4. For several weeks fans had no idea of Clayster’s future plans, but it was finally confirmed by Clayster that he was going to join the New York Subliners.

According to Clayster. he was extremely proud of it. Clayster also noticed that he loved the Dallas Empire very much and it was a great experience for him. Clayster is well-known as a powerful leader, so he underlined that his biggest dream was to lead less experienced players and open new horizons for them.

Clayster is not the only player who has decided to join the NYSL. ZooMaa and Mack have also decided to join it some time ago (Thomas Paparatto and Mackenzie Kelley). It seems to be a nice team, but there is no fourth player yet. So, the New York Subliners are still looking for a fourth player to join.


This year, the New York Subliners had a rather slow start, so we’ll see what result they show in the future and who will be the fourth player to join the team. Clayster is certainly a powerful player, so everything may change for the better and the NYSL will benefit from it.

What are your ideas about it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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