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The Galaxy will not play in the playoffs final. Analysis of the main problems of the team.

The Galaxy
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The result of the game in the quarterfinals was unexpected not only for football fans but also for experts. And although the Galaxy has not pleased us with a quality game, everyone thought that the team would reach the playoff finals. But something went wrong. Los Angeles will not play in the playoff finals. Today we will try to understand the main problems of the team.

The bet did not play

The coaching staff in the 2020 season made a main bet on the young Mexican player Chicharito. As announced, Javier had to bring lightness and variety to the team’s offensive actions. The team’s attack has been predictable and similar for several seasons in a row, and the Mexican had a task to make changes. But the coaching bet did not play. Chicharito failed the task. The Galaxy’s offensive actions remain indecisive and slow. This game was one of the factors that influenced the team’s result

The weak spot

And the problem is not only that the team does not score, but also that the team missed the balls. Many. More than needed. Everyone is talking about the Galaxy’s weak defense. Due to the stable mistakes of several defenders, the team missed 6 goals from Portland and 4 goals from Reno 1868. “Yes, it was a mistake between two or three guys. We need to learn this lesson and learn to correct mistakes. We have to move forward,” said defender Daniel Steres.


The 2020 season is over for Los Dos. The team finished with 26 points (8-6-2) and finished second in Group B of the Western Conference. And although the coaching staff does not officially admit the guilt of the players in such a weak result, we think that there will be changes in the Galaxy in the off-season. After all, a team with such great ambitions must win.

What does Galaxy need to change that will help them win, in your opinion?

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What do you think?


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