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Barcelona doesn’t want Dembele to talk with Man Utd and expects the World Cup winner to stay.

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Ramon Plains (Barcelona’s technical secretary) confirmed that the club is not going to negotiate with Manchester United about the transfer of 23-year-old French striker Ousmane Dembele.

“There are no negotiations with Manchester United, I can tell for sure. Ousmane Dembele is a Barcelona player, we know his talents, his strengths, and weaknesses. So, taking into account all the changes that have occurred in the team, we expect that he will prove himself in the best way possible”.

Barcelona expects to take advantage of all his skills and opportunities. They are sure that he will have a good year together with his team.


Lots of people have heard rumors about the possible transfer of Ousmane Dembele to Manchester United. Many fans expected this to happen, as at Barca he has a lack of impact. Besides, player had a previous injury, so lots of people were sure he was an achievable target for Manchester United. Nevertheless, this is not going to happen.

Dembele has been a part of Barcelona since 2017. His transfer from Dortmund Borussia to Barcelona cost 130 million euros. So, Dembele had three seasons together with Barcelona (75 tournaments in total). Those were rather successful for him, as there were 19 goals and 16 assists.

Dembele’s strengths and weaknesses

Understandably, if the team doesn’t want a player to leave, this player is a good one. Speaking about this football player, he is good at attacking. Defensively, he is weaker. Nevertheless, he showed great performance lots of times, so Barcelona expects him to contribute to their winnings in the future.


Ousmane Dembele is certainly a promising player, so no wonder Barcelona doesn’t want to let him go. Some say this is due to the fact that Manchester United just wanted to “rent” him for some time, but not to buy him.

Where would Dembele do better?

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