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Real Madrid and Barcelona still Haven’t Bought Anyone. How Is This Possible?

Real Madrid
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In the soccer world, everyone has long been accustomed to the annual multi-million dollar spending of the leading clubs in Spain on new players. Therefore, their current passivity is surprising. Real Madrid and Barça haven’t bought anyone so far.

Real Madrid

The club is not particularly eager to acquire someone. Why?

The fact is that Real made such acquisitions without transfers. First, they have Eden Hazard, who missed much of last season with injuries, playing just 1,085 minutes. Now it is not only possible to count on him (the player is a high-class player), but also necessary. Otherwise, why did they spend 100 million?

Second, Marco Asensio has recovered, who missed almost the entire last season. Under Zidane, the player has always been consistently successful, so his return is an unconditional strengthening.

Third, Martin Ödegaard returned from loan, who showed himself well in Real Sociedad.

Unsurprisingly, Real Madrid is not eager to buy players.


The Catalans are doing a little worse. Having let go of Rakitić and Vidal for pennies, the club frantically looks for money to afford at least some kind of transfer. That is very clearly seen in the actions of the club`s leadership.

Like Real, the Catalans have one acquisition without spending – Coutinho returned from a loan. It is impossible to sell him now, and there is no need to. The fact that Barça will help out from sales is a mere trifle. The club can buy only young players like Eric Garcia and Serginho Desta. However, they are too young (both of them 19 years old) to consider them as strengthening the team, and the club needs leaders to return to the previous level. To sum it up, Real Madrid and Barça haven’t bought anyone so far. The reasons for it are quite different, though.

Which player do you want to see in Barcelona and Real Madrid?

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