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Packers’ Aaron Rodgers getting the help he needs as he leads the NFC’s top offense.

Aaron Rodgers
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Aaron Rodgers’ performance is always paid attention to, as there is always something to discuss. The Packers are 3-0, so people focused on Rodgers. Previously, he had some problems, showing results that were much worse than his fans expected (for example, in Green Bay’s 37-30 victory). Nevertheless, he paid attention to his problems, so now he is back in MVP form. 

Promising and successful

As we know there are three unbeaten teams in the NFC for now. Those are the Green Bay Packers, the Bears, and the Seahawks. This is another big talking point, as people argue whether it is possible to defeat any of them. Besides, Rodgers has the most help on offense since the 2010 Super Bowl. He is certainly one of the most promising and successful players, but he is just a human, so it’s natural to make mistakes sometimes.

What relationship did Rodgers have with Matt LaFleur? And how has it influenced Rodgers’ career?  You can find out here. 


Another thing worth mentioning is Rodgers’ cooperation with Matt LaFleur. They work closely together, and Rodgers mentioned that this coach helped him to improve his skills a lot. Rodgers’ relationships with the head coach is not widely discussed, as winning is the only thing of importance. Speaking about a tandem of Rodgers and LaFleur, creativity is their benchmark. 

The next three games of the Packers will be against he Buccaneers, the Texans, and the Falcons. Rodgers is expected to show great results in these tournaments. He will have the help of his teammates. Besides, he will get help with calls that are reserved for Hall of Fame quarterbacks. 


Aaron Rodgers is considered to be one of the best players in the offense, so it remains to be seen what achievements he will surprise his fans with in the future. 

What do you think about him? Is he as good as people say? Let us know in the comments below. 

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