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Tennessee Players Violates Quarantine Rules. League Prepares Sanctions.

Tennessee Players
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It looks like the team has got into hot water. Tennessee players violated quarantine rules by conducting secret training.

A Little Bit of the Back-Story

On September 24, the first positive test for coronavirus was recorded in Tennessee – Greg Mabin had it. He was immediately isolated, and everyone who came in contact with him was re-checked. A day later, the coach of the Titans, Shane Bowen was found to have coronavirus.

After the match with Minnesota in Tennessee, eight positive cases of COVID-19 were recorded at once. The Titans’ base was closed, the players were sent home and forbidden to come up to each other.

The league began to discuss the possibility of a match between the Titans and the Steelers.

According to the rules, a team can return to training if no player or coach has a positive test for two days. Since this condition was not met by October 1, the NFL postponed the Pittsburgh-Tennessee match to the seventh round and the Pittsburgh-Baltimore encounter to the eighth round. Thus, the Titans and the Steelers got an early week off. The team was quarantined.

Secret Training

A group of Tennessee players worked out on the field of a local school in Nashville.  That was the day after the closure of the Tennessee base.

The NFL does not spare clubs when it comes to penalties for violating security protocols related to COVID-19. From the very beginning of the season, coaches have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars for not wearing masks on the sidelines. Meanwhile, teams are responsible for communicating between players immediately after the end of the match (this is prohibited).

Perhaps the Titans will lose some valuable picks in the draft. They may also be credited with a forfeit defeat in the match against Buffalo.

What do you think did Tennessee do wrong or right?

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What do you think?


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