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Cory Sandhagen makes no excuses for ‘pathetic’ showing in the last fight – but he learned a good lesson.

Cory Sandhagen
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In June, Cory Sandhagen had a fight with Aljamain Sterling. The only goal of Sandhagen was to become a contender in the bantamweight division, but he didn’t manage to do it. Sandhagen was looking forward to the potential reward, so possibly his passionate wish to get it was one of the reasons why he wasn’t focused on the fight enough. It took him 98 seconds to lose that fight, as he made a crucial mistake in the very beginning. It was the second time that he was defeated in his career. Sandhagen was taken to the ground by Sterling easily. 

Sandhagen’s comments 

Answering questions about that fight, Sandhagen admitted that it was pointless to use positive words describing his performance, as it was just pathetic. He also underlined that he knew what his main problem was. He said that warming up backstage was good, so he thought he was completely ready to fight. He felt as relaxed as never before – and he didn’t manage to concentrate when the fight began. Cory Sandhagen thought such a relaxed state was a good thing for him, but he was wrong, because Aljaman was very quick. Sandhagen just had a different intensity. 

Future plans

It may sound weird, but Sandhagen is glad he got that type of fight out of the way now. Due to this, he will have some time to practice and to master his skills. Sandhagen is getting ready for his fight against Marlon Moraes that will take place soon. He is going to show the best performance ever there. 


Experts say fighters learn more from a loss than a win, so we hope such a ‘pathetic’ showing will help Sandhagen to develop as a fighter and as a person.

Who would you like to see Sandhagen battle with? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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