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Will Valorant “Kill” CS: GO?

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Many fans of FPS shooters have already heard about the new product from Riot Games – Valorant. The game was first announced codenamed Project A in October 2019. Opinion leaders and streamers have managed to receive invitations to the closed alpha test recently and literally, every second person expressed the opinion that the game could completely kill CS: GO. But will it?


Before taking apart all the arcade content of Valorant, let’s talk about the lead mode in the game – Bomb defuse. That is a tactical mode with planting and defusing bombs – an analog of CS: GO for ten players, five people on each team. Only unlike CS, in Valorant there are 24 rounds, not 30, plus to win you need to win 13 rounds, not 16.


If we talk about the time of the round, then everything is ambiguous. In Valorant, the duration of a round is 01:40 versus 01:55 in CS: GO. Moreover, that’s not counting the time to buy weapons. But if we take CS, the time 01:55 appeared based on the experience of the tournaments. Why Riot chose exactly 01:40 remains a mystery, but, as practice shows, you can get used to any time.

Weapons and Money

The purchase of weapons in CS: GO takes place during the freeze of players and lasts 15 seconds. Valorant has 30 seconds to buy, but you can position yourself in a limited area of the map.

A nice bonus that CS lacks is a voice-over to remind you how many seconds are left before the explosion. The economics in Valorant are almost the same as in CS, except that you can see how much money the enemy team has.

Will Valorant kill CS: GO? Will Valorant tournaments have huge audiences? It seems to have potential in esports.

Do you like Valorant?

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What do you think?


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