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DOTA 2 October 15 update: improved environment.

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If you say Defense of the Ancients 2 is on the deathbed today, many might argue with you. The 24-hours online has decreased since April, but there are still around 670 thousand players at this moment. The latest DOTA 2 update is aimed at the players, especially new ones, in contrast to the preceding updates that were rearranging the game balance a hundred times over.

On the back burner

Let`s start with dashed hopes. Matchmaking rating has always been the stumbling stone for many players. Many of us still believe Valve will change it and ruiners won`t get 25 points in case their team wins, and likewise, the most productive players will be losing fewer points or even losing 0 pts in case their team loses. Sweat dreams. Maybe we won`t die of old age waiting for such an update. For now, Valve has only let players decide for themselves when to play 10 calibration games at the start of every season. It ain`t much, but it`s honest work.

Justice to boosters and smurfers

We`re now moving to a bit more pleasant point. Valve keeps working on security systems regarding the rating boosters and smurf accounts. Over the last month, more than 14 thousand boosters were banned. The new detection system seems to be running like clockwork. The same is true for smurfers. Wanna play against noobs? Nah, you`ll be playing with the same smarty-pants as you in a separate paddock. Obviously, it all is designed so the regular players don`t have to play on their 3K MMR in one team with a boosted guy with 1.5K original MMR or they won`t be suffering from a smurfer who`s come to easily beat you from his 5K MMR.

 Guilds and DOTA Plus

The guilds system was reworked. The rating is now refreshed every week. It will be based on the tasks accomplished by all the members during the week. All the guilds will be divided into four tiers based on their performance. The higher your guild is the more shards, announcements, and other stuff you are getting at the end.

As for DOTA Plus, it has a vast majority of functions beloved both by old-schoolers and the new players. They start from the banal hero upgrade options and end with the in-game stats, such as a real-time net worth tracker, damage dealt, healing, and so on. A good thing for rookies is a hero pool shuffle by the roles. Thus, new guys will know that Pudge is much better to be picked as a 4th position rather than 5th.


Valve stated that they are going to announce big upgrades not once a year as they did before but 3-4 times a year now. According to them, a new hero awaits us in November and another one in January. Of course, nothing will be better than the updated rating system as a Christmas present.

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