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Habib is eager to get a 30:0 record.

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Habib Nurmagamedov, 31, wants to finish his career spectacularly, as one of the best fighters in history. According to numerous sources, the fighter thinks about this a lot. UFC President Dana White suggested that “Habib will claim the status of the best fighter in MMA history in a couple of fights.” In fact, Habib has several options that could help him to reach his goal. 

Habib’s options

The first and most obvious option is the fifth attempt to organize a battle with Tony Ferguson. Everyone wants this match to happen, including the fighters themselves, Habib’s father, the UFC bosses (there will be lots of money), and fans. Tony and Habib are the best in their weight category, both have 12 victories in a row.

If Nurmagamedov wants to have an unforgettable ending of his career, he definitely needs to defeat Tony. There wasn’t a stronger opponent in Habib’s career, as the American uses his elbows gorgeously, has excellent physical shape (he will not exhale like McGregor after the first round), and knows how to spin out of critical situations.

Previously, Habib expressed the wish to defeat several other fighters, but Ferguson is considered to be the best variant for him. 


Many people are excited about what will be the end of this story, but what about Habib’s thoughts? 

“To be honest, I don’t know whether I will finish my career after 30 fights. A 30-0 record will be a great achievement. It looks and sounds good. 30-0 is a cool record, like Mayweather’s, but in the MMA. Well, I’m very close to that. If I stop two opponents, then I think that my name will always be in history. I believe that my name will be in history in any case because of what happened two years ago (victory over Conor McGregor). It will never be forgotten.” 


Habib is one of the strongest fighters, so all of us are looking forward to what will happen next.

What are your predictions about this fight? Let us know in the comments.

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