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    Ranking of the best games for two-players.

    We have compiled our ranking of the best games for two players on one computer. These are the games that will never lose their popularity because millions of people around the world play them with passion every day! So, our rating includes: Rayman Legends A special edition of Rayman Legend with exclusive Nintendo Switch content […] More

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    FaZe Assembles a Valorant Team – the First Two Names Are Already Known.

    FaZe Clan has started putting a Valorant team together. The names of two newcomers are Jason ‘jasonR’ Rushelsky and Corey ‘Corey’ Nigra. The news was announced by American multi-gaming on social networks. Now FaZe assembles a Valorant team, which has all chances to succeed. Rookie’s luck! JasonR is a former professional CS: GO, player. In […] More

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    E-sports in the USA Catches up to the Popularity of Hockey and Baseball.

    E-sports have long ceased to be a niche activity. Moreover – it is beginning to challenge the tournaments in traditional sports. In the USA, it is catching up in popularity with hockey and baseball. Profitable Business Research firm Newzoo claims that men aged 21-35 (the so-called “Generation Y” or “Millennials”) watch game matches as often […] More