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Secrets of Success of the Shortest Player in NBA History.

Charlotte Hornets guard Muggsy Bogues (works his way around New York Knicks guard Chris Childs in the first half of the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs on April 24, 1997.
Shortest Player in NBA
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Once upon a time, «Muggsy» Bogues pissed off Michael Jordan himself. Moreover, his height did not stop him from achieving great success. Let’s talk about the secrets of the success of the shortest player in NBA history.

Noticeable Midget

Muggsy Bogues’s height did not prevent him from leaving a significant mark in the history of world basketball. Bogues is in the top 25 of the best assistants of all time in the NBA (6726 assists in his career), ahead of such legends as Kobe Bryant, Jerry West, Scottie Pippen.

Bogues was very short (height – 5 ft 3 in, weight – 136 lb.) for this sport. He began playing for high school in his native Baltimore, after which he entered Wake Forest University. In the NCAA, the point guard spent four years having scored 14.8 points. Assists and interceptions could not fail to attract the attention of NBA scouts. Moreover, Muggsy confirmed his importance at the World Championships in Spain, where the US team beat the USSR in the final (87:85). In Washington, Muggsy spent just a year, after which he moved to the Charlotte Hornets.

“Everyone Is Wrong about Me”

Bogues spent 10 years with the Hornets, becoming one of the most iconic players in the history of the franchise. Muggsy averaged just 11.2 points per game but he was never called up for an NBA All-Star Game. Nevertheless, the fact that he was unusually short attracted additional attention and made him extremely popular with the fans.

Muggsy, who is the shortest player in NBA history, explains his secrets of success by his determination.

“I was always the shortest, smallest. My height made me fearless. I wanted to prove that everyone is wrong about me,” says Bogues.

He remained in the NBA until the age of 36. Then he officially retired.
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