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Football in the Lives of the Country’s Presidents.

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The tradition of hosting a gala reception at the White House for Super Bowl winners dates back to the 1980s. Such public events became traditional a little later, during the time of the 40th US President Ronald Reagan. In general, football plays an important role in the lives of the country’s presidents.

Donald Trump

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It should be noted that the ex-US president generally pays a lot of attention to the NFL. Trump comments on almost every statement by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. He threatens not to watch NFL matches if the league turns a blind eye or generally favors the peaceful protests of players and coaches during the national anthem. He criticizes Drew Brees for his inconsistent position on this delicate issue.

That is due to the fact that Trump is a longtime fan of the sport, and in 2014 he almost became the owner of the Buffalo Bills. Then Trump did not have enough money, only $ 400 million to enter the elite private club of the NFL team owners.

Barack Obama

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Among other presidents in the lives of which football played an important role is the former head of state. Barack Obama’s passion for football and the NFL is well-known.  Obama used to support the Pittsburgh Steelers, as a child.  He became a fan of the Chicago Bears, however, after moving to work in Chicago in the 80s.

In October 2011, Barack Obama invited the 1985 team to a reception at the White House. They had won the Super Bowl that year but lost the opportunity to be received by US President Ronald Reagan because of the Challenger shuttle disaster on January 28, 1986.

In 2011, Barack Obama publicly announced that he would only come to see the Super Bowl game if his favorite team from Chicago played in the decisive match.

 How does Baiden feel about football?

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