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Brees and Rodgers Are Going to Become Hall of Famers. Why Do They Have Only One Ring Each?

Brees and Rodgers
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Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers don’t need to worry about their future. In 2009 and 2010, they consistently became the most valuable players in the Super Bowl. After that, they both had a statistically flawless season in 2011. Obviously, Brees and Rodgers are going to become Hall of Famers.

Are They Going Back to the Super Bowl?

Brees is the NFL’s best-ever in passing yards and touchdowns, while Rodgers is the best in the passing rating.

However, the fact that neither of them returned to the Super Bowl is a big disappointment of the football decade Brees, 41, focuses on how he wants to change this. He said at the opening of training camp that he wants to win a ring. That is, also, a reason for him to come back.

The 36-year-old Rodgers, in turn, will have several more attempts to return to the final, including the current one. The Packers made a bright debut with a score of 2-0. However, after losing three conference finals in six years, the Green Bay quarterback is also losing patience.

How Does a Super Bowl Ring Affect Their Careers?

Neither Rodgers nor Brees got on the list of the best players in NHL history. There were 100 persons there, though. However, they are going to become Hall of Famers.

The list was formed by former coaches, players, functionaries, journalists, and those who are closely related to the NFL.

“In situations like this, you leave amazing players off the list. Nevertheless, there is no doubt about how people see Brees and Rodgers. People consider them as great players,” said Ernie Accorsi, who has worked for many years as a general manager in three top clubs.

What do you think, do Brees and Rodgers have what it takes to be in the NFL Hall of Fame?

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