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A small digest of the first week of training camps: all the most interesting info.

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On Monday, the first day of training camps of NFL began, when teams can release players in full gear. Coincidence or not, injuries immediately rained down. A small digest on the events of this busy week:

  • Browns running back Nick Chubb was unable to finish his workout. With concussion symptoms, he went for testing. It is not yet known when the player will return to practice.
  • 49ers’ Receiver  Jalen Hurd seems to have torn the crosses. Kyle Shanahan said that this is almost certainly the case – it remains to wait for the formality in the form of an MRI. 2019 Round 3 Peak – Hurd missed most of last year with a back injury, but now he will miss the 2020 season as well. San Francisco Receiver Def Chart, excluding Deebo Samuel, who previously broke his leg and remain on the sidelines until October: Kendrick Bourne, Brandon Aiyuk, Dante Pettis, Trent Taylor, and Tavon Austin. Rumors about receivers who are trying to find work now are also understandable. But for forty-ninth, an experienced comrade will not hurt.
  • Cardinals’ Cornerback Robert Alford injured his pectoral muscle. It is not yet clear if he will be able to continue the season, but the experienced 31-year-old defender, who signed a 3-year contract for $ 22.5M in the spring of 2019, has already missed the entire last year due to a broken leg. Conditional rupture of the chest muscle can stimulate Arizona to exclude Alford, which will eliminate the $ 7.5M cap hit with a $ 3M dead money.
  • Jaguars tight end Josh Oliver broke his leg and dropped out for at least a couple of months. 2019 rounds 3 Peak, Oliver managed to play only four matches last season, after which, due to a back injury, he was sent to IR. This is a chance for a comeback for the experienced (and equally traumatized) 29-year-old Tyler Eifert, who spent the previous 7 seasons in the ranks of Cincinnati. How many of them did he play in full? Only one – 2019.
  • Cowboys defender tackle Gerald McCoy, who signed a 3-year contract for $ 18M in the spring, tore his quadriceps muscle. Not crosses, but no better – this is the 2020 season skip. This is a problem for Dallas, who counted on McCoy as a starter, given the loss in the offseason of Robert Quinn and Maliek Collins.

What are your impressions from the first week of training camps? Share in the comments.

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